Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beautiful Doom

l want a hen(s) party with shameless debauchery(really wanna break the rules for once),I don't want my man to propose with a ring inside the ice cream or in the presence of friends and family. I hate surprises but would love one with a great stunt.So i'd prefer a proposal in the elevator,on a post it note or with candle light dinner. Yes,scented candles. It doesn't have to be ''will you marry me or be my wife '' cliche;something really unique.
When I was sixteen I wanted a man that was spiritually intoxicated, incurably romantic, come after me with the right trappings in place, financially free et al. He would be the knight in shinning armour even though I was no damsel in distress.

Few years later I have come to realize that while there is such thing as a perfect wedding,a perfect partner is a no no. Our culture is saturated with the notion that there's one perfect partner out there for everybody and to settle for anything less than perfection is to deny oneself a chance at true happiness, which is surely waiting in the wings.From the time we start dating, most of us set pictures of an idealized partner and certain criterias and we believe that once we find them, we would live happily ever after. Hence, we view relationship as something that happens to us rather than what we create by working hard on them. It assumes that once we find our intended they complete us like the missing piece of a puzzle and from then on life should be easy and effortless.

The myth of soulmate is about relationship that is blue sky forever. Always sunny and that sun pours down on us,brightens us up, lift us. In a real world relationship challenges come. The sky occassionally clouds. 

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