Monday, July 18, 2016

Sorry! Heart closed

I made up mind in first year never to have a boyfriend from my school for hilarious reasons and none of them had anything to do with my academics. Back in first year a lot of guys were coming after me and my friends but I refused to be the "new catch" I don't know if other people' felt the same way but I hardly care what people think.

1. I like my space and I still do. I could win an award for the roommate who hardly receive visitors and I'm totally okay with it. I'd rather meet a guy outside my hostel than allow you come to my room. Its weird I know.
2. The fear of been a cook for one Son of Adam. Love makes you do stupid things and I didn't think I was about to start putting food in flask for anyone nor going to help cook at weekends. Nah! Not me!
3. My anti - social life style. My life basically revolves around class - hostel - church - market - saloon. Any alteration in this schedule is hell for me. Imagine when Bobo will now say we should go out....
4. Distractions: I just didn't want the drama that comes with a relationship.
5. Love garden hang out. Ah! This one is story for another day.
6. I always loved long distance relationship. Yes! I dated o... But not anyone in my school. The thrill of seeing each other after 3-4 months was just it for me.
Even though I have grown past most of these in years but its still a challenge for me receiving visitors I just love staying in bed, pressing my phone, seeing movies and eating.
I'm I selfish?

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare 


  1. Lol. Introverted sanguine!

    Favour, you are not exactly selfish. You just need to learn to live outside your comfort zone a little. Step out. Explore.

    Open your heart. Let it break jhorr. Lol. When it breaks, you'll have room for more light. It's a beautiful experience.

    I've come to realise this:
    Heartbreak = breakthrough

    Heart Rays


  2. Hahaha I guess you are my twin sis! I was once like you before I got over it. Just open up your heart dear and give room to more light just like Amaka said.

  3. Open your heart. Don't close

  4. Lol. Welcome to my world. In my hostel room in Uniport then,i was that girl that almost always spent her weekends in school. No clubbing,no parties,no outings. Then bam!!. I got married.

    Do come visit my blog

  5. I don't evem know what to say jawe... You seem to have figured it out for yourself

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook

  6. I can relate with everything especially being a cook for somebody. It's annoyinggg but the things we do for love ehn?
    Laitanbee Blog

  7. hmmn! nyou are not selfish.Its just the kinda person you are.

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