Saturday, April 22, 2017

Nigeria and its rape culture

Nigeria has a rape culture said my friend Ese, this was on a day we were discussing about lecturers having sex with female students for grades and why they refuse to speak out( story for another day)
Few weeks ago I got into a facebook drama with a friend because she posted a status about women and abuse and how our daughters should be taught properly on how to behave. I got pissed and replied that this is one of the reasons abuse will continue to thrive in our homes. Its always the fault of the woman, she needs to be of a gentle and quiet spirit, submissive, leave the marriage if it doesn’t work, the woman just has a burden to know, learn and apply. So I asked what about the men?

Why don’t we raise our sons to respect a lady?
Why don’t we raise them to know that it’s never right to abuse a lady?
Why don’t we tell them to take No for a No?
Why don’t we raise them to protect the female instead of being the predator?
I could ask a million whys, but we don’t do that. Instead we ignore them and blame the women. Have you ever heard a woman was raped? What was your first thought? I bet you said why was she in the guy’s house? What was she wearing? Why did she go to that party? Why and why and another round of whys.
Since when is it a crime for me to visit my male friend or accept the offer of a drink? Yes! I am writing this because we have received too much blame for something that both parties should be held responsible for. Few weeks ago a male corps member posted a video online about how he just finished having sex with a minor- a student he was meant to be impacting knowledge. But no! He decided his d**k was the best way of tutoring and bragged about it online. That is soooo heartbreaking. But this is the world we live in and some people reading this post right now thinks it’s perfectly okay. Smh!!!o
The best clap back I’ve seen on this issue is this picture below…

Have you also noticed the rate at which pedophiles has increased recently???? Don’t keep quiet please! And even if you can’t do anything yet, educate your sons, brothers, friends and any male figure you are close to. Tell them that abusing women, raping them and disrespecting them is no sign 
of masculinity.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. OMOEFE GODSFAVOURApril 30, 2017 at 6:53 AM

    This is beautiful WRITE UP

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