Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dear Womb Watchers

Dear womb watchers,
Stop asking your Married friends when they are going to have babies.
Stop questioning women about their ovaries.
Stop keeping  track of the length of people's marriage.
Stop telling them they've been married long enough to have a couple of kids, who asked you?
Please stop!
You may mean well,
You may be curious,

How about you keep your curiosity to yourself?
Some people are trying to conceive so bad, gulping hormonal tablets, some have had failed IVF, miscarriages
but they will never let you know.
One lady said her friend asked her "why she wasn't setting vagina well whenever she's making love with her husband" Really???
How do some of you come up with these unsolicited opinion?
Fertility is a sensitive issue for a lot of people. If you are concerned, pray!

P.s This post was inspired by Berry Dakara.

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