Saturday, June 28, 2014

How to Marry a Millionaire

It hard to get by in life and be truly happy when you have to worry about something as basic as being able to afford to go to a dentist. Money problems are one of the common reasons for couples divorce. So its unsuprising when someone wants to marry into money.
Here are simple ways to get exactly what you want.

Becoming desirable.
1. Don't be the cliche
  The beautiful ( silicon-augmented) girl which spends all day shopping or sitting by the pool. You don't want to be the trophy wife. Another side of the coin is when he knows you want him for the money ( he doesn't want an obvious gold digger).

2. Respect yourself.
Eat healthy, exercise, dress for success and practice good hygiene.

3. Get educated.
No man wants a total bimbo.

4. Get cultured.
Have a developed interest in music, art, literature, films. Understand and explore foreign cultures, history and politics too.

5. Do things with your life.
No one wants to be with someone who is completely shallow. Just an empty shell that does nothing.

6. Have talents
It makes you more interesting. The easiest route to go is to become a great cook.

7. Be passionate.
Be a passionate lover but also be that in how you live your life.

Finding your man

1. Catch him early
Frequent the bars and cafes around major medical and tech university. This will help you meet guys that are well on their wall to become IT overlords and doctors. If you meet him when he's young he more likely to be single and less worried that a woman is after him for money.

2. Frequent their hangouts.
Generallly go to places where rich men are likely to be.

3. Go to auction houses
4. Go to charity events
You don't have to donate to the charity you are attending the event for but donating something is probably a good idea

5. Work in the right place.
Statistics say 22% of married couples meet their spouse through work.

6. Make rich friends

7. Use services designed for this purpose.
There are lots of dating services, both online and in real life. Pick a reputable one and see where it leads.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sellotape Selfie

Few weeks ago,it was all about the #iwokeuplikethis#nomakeup selfies. Celebrities and women flooded their facebook and instagram pages with bare faced photos, but the nation's latest social media trend looks more painful.

The "sellotape selfie" sees people using sellotape (scotch tape) to manipulate their faces into various unappealing contortions. This craze was started by student Lizzie Durley, who says she was inspired by the scene in the film "Yes Man" in which actor Jim Carrey takes to his face with tape. The idea has since gone viral.

Charity cancer research Uk received €1million in 24 hours after encouraging participants in the spontaneous #nomakeupselfie trend to donate money along with their selfies.

Socail network is more fun with stuffs currently trending. So incase you wanna try it out just remember to leave your nose out of it, provide space for air.
I don't like the grotesque images though.

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