Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to identify fake Nigerian police at a glance.

It has been said that security starts first with Intelligence; and you need the right information to be intelligent. As we get into the festive season and after, here are some safety tips on how to identify fake policemen at a glance.

Friday, September 25, 2015

When sisters run mad

Walks into room, sweeps, removes cobwebs, vacuums the floor,dust the couch... Looks around.#heaves a sigh of relief# so good to be back peeps. Who missed me???

So maybe I should have a label for some ibelibe posts. Two weeks ago while surfing the net I saw that Naomi Campbell was on the " free the nipple movement" For those of you who don't know, "Free the Nipple" is an equality movement that aims to remove the double standard of censoring female breasts. Many notable celebrities have participated in the movement including Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne.
What's my take on this? Any woman that decides to join this movement has zero self worth. This isn't equality, this is a movement that debases women. Like I always tell my friends we have to be very careful the way we raise our kids these days hence we would wake up one morning and get the biggest shocker of our lives. Just why shouldn't the female breast be censored?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This is Lagos; shine your Eyes.

State of Mind: Indecisive.
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players" William Shakespeare
True. We are merely players on one big stage, and we each have a role to play.
But that was not what got me writing in my diary. Infact, I have a lot of impatience for Shakespearian words. Nevertheless, I got scribbling in my diary again because of one thing : Dramatic Lagos. Put lightly, 'Wahala Lagos', or 'Lagos na wa!'.

#BLUEAfrica presents...Love and Social Media

B.L.U.E.. acronym for Born Leaders Under Enlightenment, is a coalition of 4 african minds with a boiling desire to make an impact and modify the status Quo of mediocrity both within our selves and the environments within which we operate... Considering the young age of the founders, they aim to create a long lasting impact on the lives of as many young people as possible, One thought at a time, by encouraging them to Dream more.. Believe more.. Aim Higher and  inadvertently achieve more. Founded on the the 11th of October 2014.. #BlueAfrica is here to stay...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A woman on her period ran a marathon to protest period- shaming

 Its either I’m becoming too stereotyped or maybe some people have made a decision to remain crazy or just maybe I’m affected by staying indoors too often. So Kiran Gandhi ran a marathon in London while on her period and deliberately chose to not use a  sanitary pad/tampon because she wanted to end period-shaming. What is period-shaming, you may ask? I don’t know. I heard about it few days ago and its been an interesting read. Apparently, some women apart from me and my friends have been shamed for having periods.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Quotes of the day.

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried till 75
Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinion. Their lives a mimicry.  Their passions a quotation.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


You said you couldn’t keep waiting,
For me to say “I love you”
But l’d said it to you everyday,
In ways you never even knew,

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Teller l want to slap.

7 years, 7 long years. They say that most business venture will fail within the first 3 years of start up, and others 5. 7 years I've been an account holder in Ecobank and just yesterday I got an alert for the first time of a meagre interest of N4.22k . Imagine o.. Maybe they've been paying interest of N0.50k which is very hard to notice. That doesn't stop them from deducting  money from my account every month even if no transaction was done. Sometimes I wonder if they charge me for the happy holiday  messages they send me. Note that they've never sent me happy birthday message .. Ever!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life while many in this world are dreaming of living your life. A  child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dream of flying. The pilot in turn  sees the farmhouse and dreams of returning home. That's life!! Enjoy yours.If wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the streets. But only poor kids do that. If power ensures security, then officials should walk unguarded. But those who live simply, sleep soundly.
If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships, then celebrities should have the best marriages. But those who live simply, walk humbly and love genuinely!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Stalker Alert!!!!

Apart from BBM and Whatsapp, I'm very active on facebook. I hardly use my twitter account ( I still don't know how that works) and I only visit instagram to look at pictures. My linkedin? Ah!! Story for another day. I think I've registered with every social network and its so bad I don't even remember the password to some. Who remembers 2go? Jeezz!!! I was such an addict. Hi5? I've been there. Nimbuzz??? Being there too.. Nimbuzz is actually funny cos I really didn't have friends so anytime I log in I chat with the Nimbuzz robot. Funny huh? I forgot Badoo.. That one kept making my phone to hang I just deleted the app plus all the guys kept wanting to hang out and they act very weird.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


It's been a while i did giveaways. No more novels for the now. lets take a break from pleasure reading to money making. Here are the book l will be giving out.
 All books are by Robert T Kiyosaki and they are in epub format meaning you have to download an epub/fb reader from your playstore or bb world.

Photo of the day.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

the MAD WOMAN that lived on my street.

I do not know the source of her insanity but she lived on my street, made us laugh and puts to bed every year. Sometimes she tells us of her sexcapades and injustice done to her by men. She'd say " sister osas do u know one man had sex with me today around powerline and after that he shaved my pubic hair and took it with him?" And I'm like WTF???

Tuesday, September 1, 2015



So we are back to a fresh start again and i'm so excited because God has been so good l just can;t tell it all. Who has heard Damita hadon 'best thing that happened to me'?  That's my song this month. l have just two weeks to my exams and blogging is going to be very erratic. These are my prayers for you this month.Say amen oooo....because God dey answer my prayer @ the speedof light(winks)

1. The countenace of the lord will shine upon you.
2. The grace of God will abound towards you.
3. You will not fail in the place of destiny.
4. Whatsoever you lay your hands on will prosper at the speed of light.
5. God will give you the grace to see opportunity in uncommon places.


 Your comments are like butter to my bread.. Pleeeaaassssseeee don't starve me!!! Follow us on twiter HERE like our page on facebook HERE Share this post to your friends, families.enemies infact everyone. FMB loves you.

Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare

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  I remembered l have a blog today again. Not like today is the first day this has crossed my mind, but l decided to visit this site today a...