Sunday, June 28, 2015

Serving God with one Eyebrow.

David Rabin was a professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University. He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease when he was forty six. He knew what will happen, stiffness in the legs, then weakness; paralysis of the lower limbs and then the upper limbs. Eventually his body would no longer obey his commands. He could form words only with the greatest difficulty, and eventually not at all. He lost his ability to treat patients and could no longer go to the hospital to work.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Life Revealed.

She remembers the moment. The photographer took her picture. She remembers her anger. The man was a stranger. She had never been photographed before. Until they met again 17 years later, she had not been photographed since.
The photographer remembers the moment too. The light was soft. The refugee camp in Pakistan was a sea of tents. Inside the school tent he noticed her first. Sensing her shyness, he approached her last. She told him he could take her picture. “I didn’t think the photograph of the girl would be different from anything else I shot that day,” he recalls of that morning in 1984 spent documenting the ordeal of Afghanistan’s refugees.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Heaven's Suprise.

I was shocked, bewildered and confused when l entered heaven’s door
Not by the beauty nor the lights nor its decoy
It was the people in heaven that made me sputter and gasp
The sinners, the cheaters, the liars and the trash

11 days and counting...

Holla Phavourites!!! So I guess these days I have to start every post with an apology. I know some of you are giving me the smirk look right now. Ok, here it is.. I'm sorrry... Don't worry I will soon win an award for the absentee blogger of the year, please lemme know when the nomination form comes

Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to have an amazing date with #200

So she has accepted to go out with you at last. You have fixed the day and time for your first date. You are anxious because you want to impress her. You want to leave a good impression because you know that first impression matters. You want to make her your bae, don’t you?
My brothers bring out your calculators, biros and sheets of paper, let’s do some calculations.

Contact Check!

  I remembered l have a blog today again. Not like today is the first day this has crossed my mind, but l decided to visit this site today a...