Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shaving Tips For Men

1.Wash With Soap Before Shaving.
  Wash with bathing soap before shaving-this will open pores for a closer shave and it will remove impurities that can cause clogging or infection.

2. Use a Sharp Blade
  Discard shaving blades after two or three uses.And don't put too much pressure on the blade while shaving( use gentle strokes).

3. Use a Face Scrub
  A gentle scrubbing massage will help you will help open pores, prime follicles and raise stubs for a closer shave.This exfoliation removes dead cells and impurities that can cause acne,ingrown hairs and infection. It will also smooth and renew your complexion.

4. Avoid Irritants
   They can damage your skin and create microscopic swelling. So,stay away from alcohol or strong plant extracts such as menthol, peppermint or citrus.

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