Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Attention!!! Public Announcement.

Fellow Compatriots "You don dark o" "You have gained weight" "Ah, you don fat oh" "You don add oh" "You are putting on weight oh" "You have added" "√°aaaaah u don grow oooh" "See as you just fine finish" Are NOT, I repeat are NOT ways to greet someone you haven't seen in a while! Ogini??? This is how some people will just see you and shout "You don chop up oh". Oh Really? Who ask you? Just say hi, hello, good morning, good evening first before the unnecessary compliments. The Federal Government warned that anyone that does not adhere to this instruction is liable to be slapped. Ciao Follow me on twitter: @dahliadona. Like our page on facebook:Favourmoyseblog. Nosakhare Favour Osayuwamen.


  1. I tink this removes your true feelings when you see someone its ok though. Fanks @ favourmoyse btw were ve u been? Glad to ve u back

    1. Uhhhhhh........ yea. Ve been around. School da make me hibernate. Fanks for asking.

  2. U didnt add you don marry? U don born? Na wa oh. Wetin u da shop?

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