Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Nigerian weather can be really frustrating. If its not raining heavily, its so hot you think youve experienced hell and other times, the harmattan will get you feeling like someone wants to turn you into stockfish.
The harmattan comes with a lot of dust. And so while you are happy that the sun and sweating are on pause for a few months, you are worried about respiratory problems, cracked lips and skin and the drynesssss!

As a child I looked like a cave man. Dust in my hair, face so white, broken lips, I would pay a billion dollars not to have the complete picture painted. This weather is drunk. I swear!!! I think the temperature is below 20 degrees. Maybe, just maybe the harmattan has fangs too cos it bites everything: your ears, fingers, nose, neck and heaven help you if you are not properly covered.

I am all for looking at the positive side of a terrible situation so, here are the few things we get to enjoy during the harmattan.

1. Malaria must go: the weather isn't favourable for the breeding of mosquitoes.

2. Smooth skin; your face is smooth and acne free

3. I can officially do my laundry at 2:00pm and my clothes will get dried. Yay!!!

4. Sunrises and sunsets: have you taken the time out to look at the sun rise or set during this period? Breathtaking!  I just looked up and Im awed. I wish i took a picture.

Don't forget to moisturize.

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