Saturday, January 10, 2015

What not to wear to Church.

Its okay to come to church as you are,  God accepts everyone as they are. Since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, unfortunately  what we wear does matter when we are entering the sanctuary. Attending church, we want to make sure the attention is not on us because we decided to wear the same club dress went out in last night. Of course if thats all you have, so be it in  Jesus name.
Here is a list of clothing items you should NEVER wear to church.
1. Do not wear tight or too short clothing to church. One reason people attend church is to worship and because church is sacred. With that being noted, leave the club wear at the club.
Out of respect for church, if wearing a dress or skirt it should at least be knee length. Please also refrain from long skirts with slits that may show your essentials.

2. Unless you have issues with your eyes, please remove your shades. You are not a celebrity. Wearing shades while anyone in authority speaks is rude.

3. No open backside, save it for the appropriate occasion.

4. No cleavage, its just wrong.

5. Please lightly spray your cologne or perfume. The congregation should not smell your fragrance from the parking lot of the church. If you smoke please refrain from spraying perfume or cologne to cover the smoke smell it only makes matters worse. Smokers should use body spray rather than perfumes or colognes to disguise the smoke smell. Mints also help with the smoke aroma.

Most men do pretty well when it comes to church and business environments, but the next few fashion tips are for men.
1.When wearing a new suit, please remove all tags and threading. For example, suits with designer's tags on the arms of the suit is only for in store purposes. Please remove these tags from the sleeves of your suits before attending church service.
2. The threading on the lower part of the jacket should also be removed. Suits have a lot of styles and fashions, so please make sure you are choosing your suit colors wisely. A man wearing a suit should not look like they are Easter egg hunting every Sunday.
 Last but certainly not least, please make sure all
socks worn are clean and hole and fur ball free.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg when speaking of church and fashions. With any fashion, when in doubt-don't.
Let's go to church.

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