Thursday, July 28, 2016

Eric Aniva and the African girl child

I read it on  VANGUARD  few days ago. In a remote part of the country of Malawi, there is a tradition where young girls are taken to men known as Hyenasfor for what is considered as sexual cleansing. The girls are taken there by their parents once they hit puberty. It happens after their first period, and they are made to have sex with a Hyena over a three-day period. Some of them are as young as 12, and they cannot refuse, due to fear of misfortune befalling their families. The reason for this cleansing is to teach the girls good manners, like how to please their husbands in bed.

There are many things I don’t understand about  Africa, and one of them is our insistence to blindly follow culture. People do things and don’t even know why they do it; they just know that it’s what people do.

This story feels like Africa magic but sadly, its true. Yes, this may be Malawi but in Nigeria don't we allow the 'child bride' marriage because religion/culture permit? And to think the Hyena is Hiv positive. Again! Another health challenge for Africa.

Rant all you like, scream to the ends of the world. Will he be prosecuted? No! Because the culture permits.
Can something be done? Yes!
Start from where you are and use your social media as a tool to bring about positive change.
The girl child is an endangered specie.


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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare 


  1. I thank God he has been arrested. I believe the outcry on social media led to his arrest because that crazy culture has been on for eons.
    Where e dey happen

  2. nawa ooo! some barbaric culture tho


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