Sunday, January 22, 2017

The bus Evangelist again!!!

This bus Evangelist again!
Dear lord, what sin did I commit that this man wouldn’t let me be?  Remember the post I did on him HERE sometime ago. Do you ever wonder if these bus preachers sign like a memorandum of understanding with the company? Don’t get me wrong please. I am not against preaching the gospel in a public transport just that for every time I travel from onitsha to benin he’s always the one preaching in my bus and it just makes me wonder.

 Secondly, he’s always asking me to either pray or read the bible and I don’t know if he has marked me as that girl he must convert by fire by force. Not like I need conversion though.
So it happened again, he wanted me to read the bible and when i said I didn’t have , he requested that I use my phone. Again! I declined. Then he gave me the look of “God save your soul my Child”
I might just have to stop using that transport company entirely.

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