Saturday, February 16, 2019

Nigeria will not kill you in Jesus Name!

Today was meant to be the presidential election.
Dee(my friend, not real name) woke me up with his call, he was screaming on the other end of the line. 'Turn on the TV, check NTA, the election has been postponed'

I jolted from my sleep, ran to the living room and saw a running message on NTA. I was livid, shocked even.
Social media wasn't different. Facebook and twitter was on fire.
Everyone sounded so frustrated plus the pictures of INEC Ad-hoc officers and Corp members making rounds online wasn't a pleasant sight.
This is one of those days l get tired of this country and l have spent the greater part of my day googling how to secure a student visa to Australia.
Funny right?
I have no words of consolation for anyone, really, l don't.
It's a shit hole here.
All l can say is this,

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