Tuesday, January 22, 2019

3 things l don't Understand.

There are 2 things l don't understand.
No, there are 3 actually.
One is Death!
How someone can be with you at this moment and they next minute they are gone, gone. And all you have to hold are memories and questions that may never be answered. You carry the pain of this loss with you everywhere, everywhere till death meets you too.

I do not understand this too, first it's a lump on the breast or a pain in the abdomen or blurred vision or something and next they tell you 'it's cancer'. Now you are faced with chemo, radiation, surgery and everything to survive. Your hair falls off, your appetite is a mess, you lose weight, you become a skeleton, then you wish for death. This moment you are fine and healthy, next minute you are in a spaceship called an MRI machine. Your fate will soon be decided.
This is my biggest puzzle. Today, they love you to the moon and back, they can't breathe without you. Your world orbits around them, they are the sun in your life. Today, you are making plans for the future, kids, school and all. Introductions are been made. You call him 'Hunnay', he calls you 'sweetie'. The next day, it's all a mirage. The one you love treats you like a stranger, and you are left with questions unanswered.

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