Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If I were a boy.

Men aren't so lucky. They are conditioned from an early age to keep it all inside.

If i want to smile, i would smile. No one has the right to dictate my feelings.

Buying a drink is a great way to break the ice but that doesn't mean l have an obligation to hook up with you in anyway.

There is nothing ugly about equality

we need to help each other understand what makes us different.

the little things in life matters alot

stop associating sensitivity, vulnerability and empathy with women

"I'll never get why guys think that constantly posting pictures of Kermit the Frog saying how ' These hoes ain't loyal' is going to result in any female respecting them in the social media world or otherwise''
my kind words aren't an invitation to the bedroom.

 One of the most unacceptable things a man can do is grope a woman against her will. A woman's body is a temple and men have no right touching it unless there is blatant consent for it.

Giving you my number isn't a green light to text me at 1 am to have a 'conversation' or ask me to 'hang out'. Really it's more intriguing for a guy to want to get to know me in person, not through a screen.   

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  1. Lolz, please tell those guys oo,wrong for a man to grope a woman against her will,we keep saying it they won't listen.

    Nice post
    Thanks for stopping by

  2. If I were a boy. I would understand no means no. And her niceness is not consent

  3. Ermmm i dont wish to be a guy in any many things about them i cant deal with..

  4. I love love this post. This guys issue, is a serious matter.

  5. Hhmmmmnnnn... Would you believe me Bubba, if i told you I read something in this post that will never make me remain the same?! **deep sigh... It is well oh! Noted...

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