Monday, September 7, 2015

The Teller l want to slap.

7 years, 7 long years. They say that most business venture will fail within the first 3 years of start up, and others 5. 7 years I've been an account holder in Ecobank and just yesterday I got an alert for the first time of a meagre interest of N4.22k . Imagine o.. Maybe they've been paying interest of N0.50k which is very hard to notice. That doesn't stop them from deducting  money from my account every month even if no transaction was done. Sometimes I wonder if they charge me for the happy holiday  messages they send me. Note that they've never sent me happy birthday message .. Ever!!!

Three days ago, I went to make some withdrawals and decided to skip the ATM cos I purposed in my heart that I must withdraw the N300 on top the minimum balance. This conversation ensued between me and the teller.
Teller: why didn't you make your hair
( I was on my natural hair plus me and this teller have a history?
Me: its lovely, I like it this way.
Teller: I know, but why didn't you retouch your hair
Me: ( see Jamb kweshion o) gave him a straight look.
Teller: I liked the way u packed it sha.. Its very nice..
( After some seconds)
Are u a student
Me: yes
Teller: (laughs) you girls suffer a lot o.. Its because of this hair you make that you people don't know maths.
Me: seriously??? ( Since when did making hair and knowing maths become directly proportional?)
Teller: let me advice you, just go and cut your hair. Ok.
Me: wow!
Teller: ( gives me my money ) have a nice day and thanks
Me: you are not welcome

This teller has OCD I swear, he made me tear two of my slips just because he thinks the signatures were not the same. The third time I asked him if he wanted me to sign with both hands. Trouble was averted when his colleague took a look @ the signature and asked I should be paid. My OCD theory was confirmed when I went to make a deposit of N5,550 and this dude placed the single N50 note inside the money counter o.. In my mind I'm like you want to be sure the money is really one shey?

One of these days I might just have to jump and slap him or go into the banking hall with my selfie stick and hit him on the head. Shebi its better that way?

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1.'s really unethical to ask customers such questions though. it is well Favour, your struggles as a student will be over one day.

    Sex is overated!

  2. The relationship between you two though.. Hmmmmm asking about your hair???

  3. That must have been some experience. Greetings!

  4. Like seriously? A wonderful experience indeed...;)

  5. Favour, I wish you didn't mention the name of the Eko bank tho. Sorry about the experience. At least, you made a post outta it. *winks*

  6. I use this bank too.. Lol their signature wahala no be here

  7. Lol! Just avoid his counter when next you go to the bank.

  8. Hahahahahahah, the teller no busy. What's his business maybe he wants to toast you

  9. You haven't seen anything Kpele!

  10. With all this talk talk, he didn't give you money to cut the hair? All these bankers sef nawah for them

  11. i had a good laff reading this...kpele dear...i hate counter things

    Glowyshoe blog

  12. My dear, the way you kept quiet at a time was good. So next time he knows, I should actually mind my business.

  13. Hahahaha. Abeg, dont break someone's head oo.

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