Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Instagram phobia

I think I’m one of those few who deliberately refused to embrace instagram until the initial vibe wore out basically because I’m far too much into social media and keeping up with passwords is a lot of stress for me.  I won’t even consider using one password for all of them for the fear of hackers.

I pride myself a lot on being able to keep up with recent happenings around the globe especially technology ( my brother is a bad ass programmer and his friends are as geeky too) plus I have a couple of guys around me into the IT thingy. I work in the media department in church and gradually, I’m learning photography, graphics, video making and yes more exposure again to social media. So when June my friend asked “ are you on instagram” I answered “no” and she replied “ who isn’t on instagram?” then I taught its high time I gave this a shot. And that was how boom!!! FAVOURMOYSE got on instagram.
Amazingly, I don’t know my password and I don’t think I care about that now but I love it cos I get to spy on a lot of you here…I watch your pictures and smile and then it makes me feel like a secret service agent working undercover. So I see a photo on instagram and the next moment BMF has put it up on her blog and I’m like BADOOOOOOO…..  or when I see those shoes by GLOWY… I chuckle.

This is to let you all know that my eyes are on you…..least I forget I’m the only person that has only one picture on instagram???

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. LOL. Great one. I just overcame the phobia too. Welcome to Instagram Favour. :)

    Username: @Amakamedia

  2. Welcome to IG. I have only one oic on my page too lol

  3. While putting your eyes on us, you still need to shine it whelwell... lol. Instagram is cool like that.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  4. I love IG for so many reason especially spying and keeping up with the latest trends

  5. Lolz funny yyou.Instagram is a picture affair jare

  6. correct...good for you

    Welcome on board

  7. I arrived on the IG train quite late, unlike Twitter which I embraced from the get-go. Greetings!

  8. Instagrsm is so interesting.You Will see many things with your korokoro eye

  9. I kinda joined late too. Still trying to know better pertaining it.

  10. We got our eyes on you too!!! LOL!!

  11. Aha!!! Eeez neFer that serious nah Favour! Instagram is just for having fun and nothing more... But I for one have learnt it to be a little more than just that.. as I have learnt it to be a means of putting my best foot out and showing to the world how there are still VERY great minds and Hands in Africa.. I for one have learnt to see Instagram as a platform for selling potentials as against just another senseless chase for likes and validation :)

    P.S: Suli Breaks said. We are the YOLO generation as we Follow our Dreams on Instagram, speak our insights on Twitter, write our Thoughts on Facebook and preach our minds on Blogger.. WE ARE THE YOLO GENERATION. :) Udo.

    1. u listen to suli breaks too???? awesome!!!!!

  12. Welcome to instagram - I refuse to join instagram properly. I created one (using my real name)earlier but forgot the password. Now I have a fake one where I spy on people lol

  13. welcome to insta boo. you can follow me @mz_moby. mwaahhh

  14. I love IG, as an entertainment blogger, I use it very well.

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