Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hello baby and other names.

Hello baby…
Hello pretty…
Hello dear…
Hello sweetheart…
Are one of those really annoying pet names that usually flood my facebook messenger. More milder ones are
Hi favour…
Hey …
Greetings dear

And I get funny ones like
Nwa Nsukka… hehehehe… so it’s a crime to school in the East now ba? Even though from my name it’s really glaring that I’m not igbo. And the funniest of all I’ve seen recently ‘HEARTLESS’. Seriously, why would someone call me that on a very first conversation? I’ve given up on complaining a long time ago.
Lest I forget, who  gave people the idea that it’s ok to use pet names while making a first impression.
Does online chyking work? How many people have asked you out online and you said yes? Since we all know these are perks of social media. But why do people tag you in a photo that even your shadow  cannot be seen?  What about all those stupid groups they keep adding you to?

Has your account ever been hacked? Has anyone ever commented on your timeline that they lost a certain amount of pounds in two weeks and expect you to do same? The safest bplace for me right now is instagram and I’m very careful about those I follow because A sister just has to be sane. A sister just has to be sane.

Your comments are like butter to my bread.. Pleeeaaassssseeee don't starve me!!! Follow us on twiter HERE like our page on facebook HERE  follow us on instagram HEREShare this post to your friends, families.enemies infact everyone. FMB loves you.

Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Hahaha for that group i always leave group whenever i see such notification. I so much block my Facebook that pictures i am being tagged in must be approved by me before it appears on my time line. God will help us jare..

  2. That adding into groups sef don tire both relevant and irrelevant group,I hardly check the group .i am too busy online

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