Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Musings of a thresher : the hostel I lived in.

The female hostel is an interesting place to live. When I got admission, my dad wanted me to live off campus but I insisted I stay in the hostel because I wanted to have an experience of what life in the gosel was like. He thought that was a considerable idea, but I never told him the real reason I made that decision was because I wanted to make up for me not being a boarder in secondary school. Adjusting to life was easy for me but I would never forget some profound incidents.

That time I poured shit inside the toilet and it splashed and touched my mouth. Jisos! I screamed so loud people rushed to the toilet.
The girl that made sure she shared cake to everyone in the hostel because it was her birthday
That time someone poured urine inside her roommate’s kettle just to punish her
That time a girl smeared her roommate with hot iron over a silly argument
That time all my clothes were stolen from the line. Choi! I cried blood that day
That time I almost beat up my third year roommate even though I was in first year then. Jesus has changed me sha.
When the hall governor seized my foam because I missed hall cleaning. I ended up sleeping in my friend’s room for 3 days.
When I got back late for an outing and the hostel was locked, had to beg the porter for over an hour.  That woman gave me the story of my life that day.
The day a guy brought a convoy of 8 cars to give his girlfriend cake.
Lastly, when I ran out of the bathroom naked because someone raised a fake fire alarm. Don’t ask if anyone saw me o.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. hahahahahah! Hilarious.Hostel life is usually interesting.So sad i didnt experience it except in Law school

  2. Lmao.. I said Jisos with you right there. Most people I know would just jump at staying outside. Nice of you to want to experience hostel life and you sure did. Lol
    Don't Look Into That Mirror!

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