Sunday, January 5, 2014

Whispers of God

After the wind,came the earthquake followed by a fire but only in a still small voice did God speak to Elijah. Sometimes God does not reveal himself in mighty acts,but in simple everyday activities that we could easily take for granted.

So sometime ago I was feeling misunderstood and my hormones were all over the place plus I couldn't confide in anyone. I spoke words of faith and prayed, but the darkness lingered.On my way home one night I noticed the moon. I mean the full moon!!! it was so bright my path was illuminated I didn't even need a flashlight. At that moment I knew it was the Lord reminding me of his presence and nearness.

It was a very tangible demonstration of his love and I felt normal afterwards. The lord is always near us but sometimes we often miss it because we expect him to show up in great and mighty ways. It may be through something as common as the smile of a stranger or the laughter or spontaneous hug from your child.
It could even be you getting home just before the rain starts or receiving a call from a loved one.

Regardless of how small it is,don't take the everyday mundane for granted. Because somewhere in these insignificant things God may just be whispering "I love you and want you to know i'm always close by".

Happy Sunday.



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