Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 worst movies of all time.

1. The love Guru
The Love Guru' was one of the worst films to
ever be put out with a mix of brainless comedy that will put you right to sleep. I am sorry if you had to put yourself through 2 hours of this as I did

2. Cat Woman
This is the number one kitty litter movie you will waste your data to download,watch and waste two hours of life you will never get back. It
received a whopping 3.2/10 stars, no wonder.

3. Disaster Movie.
The name of this movie should give all the credentials away. Friedberg and Seltzer are responsible for the string of awful movie spoofs that will fill your mind with 90 minutes of nothing. Enjoy

4. Meet the Spartans.
The maker of 'Meet The Spartans' thought he would make a spoof of the movies "300" "transformers" and "Ghost Rider" make a pathetic excuse for a movie. Who is budgeting these?

5. Raise the Titanic
This film was so expensive that Hollywood says it would have been cheaper to lower the Atlantic. This movie had a big flop in the box office and was never really talked about after it's release.

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