Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10 Awesome bridal shower games.

Purse Raid
Before the shower create a list of random things that can be found in the purse. Start with the basic things like mascara, keys, credit card etc and work your way up to more random things like food, an old movie stun, an extra pair of panties. The host calls out the items from the list and the first person to pull the object from their purse wins a small prize. You can do this as individuals or teams.

He said she said
Before the shower ask the bride and groom their love story(E.g how they met, their first vacation together,meeting each others parents for the first time) make a list of their answers mixing up the bride and grooms response. Print out a list of a copy of quotes and have guests determine who said each statement make sure to choose statements that could apply to both bride and groom.

The newly wed game
Before the bridal shower interview the groom and ask him questions about himself, the bride and their relationship. At the shower ask the bride the same questions and see if she answers correctly. You could make a video footage of the grooms answers and play back for them to see.

Guess the groom
This game is great for co-ed showers or have the groom and a couple of men drop by for a few minutes. Blindfold the bride and have her take turns touching the chest and shoulders of the men to see if she can guess the groom.

Two truths and a lie
This would be an ice breaker for all the guests. Have the guests say three different experiences they've had with the bride one of which is a lie.The person who correctly picks out the lie is a winner.

How old were they?
Place pictures of the bride and groom at different ages around the room. Hand sheets of paper to the guests and as they mingle and eat they can guess wat ages the bride and groom were in each picture. Give a prize to the person with the most correct answers.

Who am I?
Each guest writes a personal memory they have with the bride anonymously on a piece of paper. The bride then guess who writes the memory. If the bride fails, the guest gets a prize.

Pass the bouquet
This is a super fun game to get the guests moving. Music plays while the bouquet is passed from guest to guest, the music stops at certain points, and the guest still holding the bouquet when the music stops is eliminated.

Name that movie quote
Download famous romance movie quotes. Give a form to your guests and have them fill out as many movie titles as possible. The highest number of correct answers wins.

Couples quiz
Create a short quiz to test your guest knowledge of the couple. Include questions about their relationship (e.g how long were they dating before they got engaged, what are some of their favourite things they do as a couple)Read the answers out loud and the person with the most correct answers wins.

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  3. wow! useful for my sis

  4. This tips will be helpful to all soon to be brides.


  5. Serious inspiration for the next bridal shower I attend...

  6. I just suggested some of your ideas to a group of my friends planning a bridal shower..I think they are cool. Thaanks


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