Thursday, December 3, 2015


To an amazing woman on the blogosphere, an awesome cake maker and the one that gives people like us tips on home and all things family related. From all of us @ favourmoyseblog we say have a smashimg celebration. she blogs HERE

Your comments are like butter to my bread.. Pleeeaaassssseeee don't starve me!!! Follow us on twiter HERE like our page on facebook HERE Share this post to your friends, families.enemies infact everyone. FMB loves you.

Nosakhare favour osayuwamen


  1. *smiles* you are highly favour Najia Mom, Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Naijamom. Long life and prosperity are my wishes for you.

  3. awwwwww happy birthday to our mummy....long life and prosperity

  4. Happiest birthday to the mummy in the house. May God bless ur new age. Amen.

  5. Happy belated Cakeday naija mom

  6. Woooooow! This is an honour. Thank you so much Favour and thank you all for your kind wishes.

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