Saturday, December 19, 2015


“The day I go catch u eh!!! I go make sure say I give you belle so that you go marry me by force” said  Mr X to me on one of our many conversations after I declined his offer to come spend the weekend at his place. Now, let me tell you about Mr X, we both had a crush on each other and I never knew his name until two years later when someone sneaked behind me on my way back from church.
Mr X: hello Osas, good evening

Me : errrrmmmm….. good evening… you know my name? wow!!!
Then we had the whole where have you been? What’s been happening with you convo and we exchanged contacts and that’s how we started talking on phone everyday.  Then he started asking me out and I said no. I love crushes because I have this image in my head about them but when a crush asks me out you kinda ruin it all for me. Plus I discovered my crush drinks a lot and can’t seem to keep his hand to himself especially on our dates hence my refusal to go visiting.
Mr X wants to marry me ( so he said) but I refused to take the first step towards the big step. So???  He wants me to come visiting and force his way in( that’s rape rite? And it’s a crime shey? And because I’m spending the weekend with you,it will then seem consensual abi?) and pray I do get pregnant and then he will demand that I keep the baby.  He hasn’t called me in months and the reason I did remember this incident was because I was on skype yesterday night and one of my overseas chykers said a similar thing. “ if you come my house, I go give you belle” I just said goodnight and ended the call.
In the past, I’ve heard of women using pregnancy to trap men into unwanted marriages. I can’t believe the tables are turning.
Remedy: tie my legs like mermaid and take no nonsense. I love my life and my career and I wouldn’t want to ruin it with the wrong spouse.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. What a funny kind of conversation between you guys. Pregnancy has tied together so many couples who were not meant to be together for a day talkless of their entire lives.

    Favour in your own case, I think its high time you show up your guy to your crushes...a kind of introduction so that they can have an hint on how committed you are in a relationship to avoid re-occurrence of such cheap talks.

    Me no wan hear say person impregnate you for dream oh...This one wai dem de threaten you with preg so. Who knows the extent they mean it.

    How are you doing?

    1. Na so oga Titus do,e reach 90yrs e nor marry...get serious wit somebody jor

    2. lolz @ uthman ... aproko manager God bless u

  2. Good decision you made, I like tou more for this.

  3. women use pregnancy to trap men into unwanted marriages but the tables are turning now, take no nonsense favor...good decision

  4. The last time I checked. Pregnancy has never and can never tie anyone to marriage.

  5. Guys ain't smiling again. Lol. Don't worry, urs will come to u without conditions.
    Happy Sunday to u and urs.

  6. Haha! Na wa o......these crushes these days sef.

  7. "I love crushes because I have this image in my head about them but when a crush asks me out you kinda ruin it all for me." made me realize a guy can be crush-zoned too. Lol!

    Favour, your remedy is so on point. *thumbs up*

  8. Lol...but that's not love, it's just obsession. The crazy thing when they finally get what they want, they get tired of it. I love your remedy too so on point.


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