Monday, December 21, 2015


One day I was going to seattle and stopped in for lunch at a little café. From my window I saw a young teenage girl out in the cold, squatted down in a close down businesses doorway, holding a small bundle in her arms. She was panhandling, people were mostly walking by ignoring her. She looked just broken.

I finished up my meal and went outside, went through my wallet and thought I’d give her $5 for food. I got up to her and she was sobbing, she looked like she was 14-15. And that bundle in her arms was a baby wrapped up. I felt like I just got punched in the chest. She looked up putting on a game face and asked for any change, I asked her if she’s like some lunch. Right next door was a small quick-trip type grocery store, I got a can of formula for the baby( very young, maybe 2-3 months old), and I took her back to the café though I’d just eaten. She was very thankful, got a burger and just inhaled it. Got her some pie and ice cream. She opened up and we talked. She was 15, got pregnant, parents were angry and she was fighting with them. She ran away. She’s been gone almost 1 full year.
I asked her if she’d liked to go home and she got silent. I coaxed her, she said her parents wouldn’t want her back. I coaxed her further she admitted she stole 5k in cash from her dad. Turns out 5k doesn’t last at all and the streets are tough on a 15 year old. Very tough. She did want to go back, but she was afraid no one wanted her back after what she did.
We talked more, I wanted her to use my phone to call home but she wouldn’t. she hesitated  and gave bad excuses but eventually she agreed. Her mom picked up and said hello. Awkwardly introduced myself and said her daughter would love to speak to her, silence, and I heard crying. Gave the phone to the girl and she was just quiet listening to her mother cry and then said hello. And she cried. They talked, she gave the phone back to me, I talk to her mom some more.
I drove her to the bus station and bought her a bus ticket home. Gave her $100cash for incidentals, and some formula, diapers, wipes and snacks for the road.
Got to the bus she cried saying thank you over and over. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and a hug, kissed her baby, and she got on the bus.
I get a Christmas card from her every year. She’s 21 now and in college. Her name is Makayla and her baby is Joe.
I’ve never really told anyone about this, I just feel good knowing I did something good in this world.

Source : Pinterest.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. It's good to be good no matter how small just show some love especially during this yuletide season.. Thanks for sharing Favour.

  2. I'm really proud of you... God bless you real good

  3. I'm really proud of you... God bless you real good

  4. Awwww...God bless you and bless the prodigal daughter.

  5. Favour the post you inspired me to do via your comment is up on the blog. Thanks for your contributions. You are a darling

  6. I cried reading this. Wow. Just speechless

  7. I cried reading this. Wow. Just speechless

  8. Hmmm this is wow.

  9. Compliment of the season

  10. this is so nice. Thanks for sharing. Compliment boo

  11. Wow......nice 1 indeed

    Thanks for sharing

  12. Thanks for sharing favour happy new year to you and your family

  13. Favour please come back we have seen the Lost Mum. Lol how are you?

    Please visit

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