Friday, January 22, 2016


Dear Mr Ikemba,
I don't know you and I'm very sure you don't know me either. It still amazes me how you got my email add but I will forgive that sin because we live in a world governed by technology.

I get your emails everyday on 'how to enlarge the size of my d***", "how to last longer in bed"," how a woman vows to cheat on her husband"and just this morning you sent me an email on a survey that shows " women do cheat on their husband".
Nevertheless, I want to let you know I am a "she" not "he". I don't know the ideal length of a man's d*** nor the length that requires elongation but that's certainly not my problem.

Secondly,the pledge of a woman to cheat on her husband puts no food on my table neither does it help me get a better understanding of my medicinal chemistry.

Thirdly, who and who did that survey there? I wish I could find you, so I can instill some common sense into your cerebullum.

Finally, Mr Ikemba. This is 2016, receive sense In Jesus name


Be a phavourite and drop your comments. Xoxo

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  1. Lol. Mr. Ikemba take note!

    I get some spamy emails too. But not as silly as this one o.

    This is not funny...Its a message I get on a daily basis...He has his way of getting in touch with you, because even when you unsubscribed for his email, he will still get in touch through another means.

    All I do now is to ignore his mail..don't even open it.

  3. That's a bad mail. The open letter is well written, send it to his mail also. Pray he will receive sense this year

    Topmost Tree

  4. Ha Mr Ikemba abeg receive sense this year. Lol

  5. My own is witch doctor message..

  6. Please we need to sue him oo . his emails have flooded my yahoo mail, kilode. I thought I was the only one.

  7. Haaaaaaaa thank you Favour

    I don tire for the man like seriously

  8. You should forward this mail to him so he can desist from such

    Olisdiary blog

  9. Bruh! I get the same trashy spam emails from this same man telling about 1+1=1 How did he get my email ? Inly God knows.I think its high time i foward a dead picture of someone who died woefully and telling him should he continue sending me thise spams, the same thing will happen to him.
    RIP should u send one more trashy emails. Nonsensical nonsense. 😒😒

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