Friday, January 8, 2016

The silly Nurse

My understanding of the igbo language is still very rusty but I'm able to interpret some of the sentences just by mere intutition. On this fateful saturday, while I was helping the doctor out in his consulting room, this  girl was brought in by her family and they were filled with  rage.

Diagnosis: Rape
They had gone to a funeral and one thing led tot the other and three guys took turns raping her. She didn't talk about it until 3 days later.
Doctor's prescription: Retroviral screening, counselling etc.
While the doctor was emphasizing the importance of counselling. One of the nurse replied " let's just take care of her jor, the psychological trauma of rape can take care of itself". I rose my head from where I was writing and gave her the " seriously???" Look.
The culprits weren't taken to the police station from what I gathered. The family just wanted the girl to be ok and probably not pregnant. Her brother looked like he had other means of taking care of " the stuff". And the girl? She sat silently, head bowed; in shame? Depression?confusion? I can't really tell. But I know she has a very long way to go.
Sometimes, I still think about her. I wonder if she's just indifferent or probably battling with depression. I wonder.

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  1. That is depression. I hope she doesn't harm herself. Rape is a serious case, but it baffles me wen people take it fore granted.
    Maybe, the guy wants to handle it Tru anoda means, and the family wants to hide it cos of d stigmatization involved, but I think the police should be involved. God help her.

  2. She is battling with depression my dear. I feel real pity for,

    Please visit

  3. Nigerians won't stop taking things for granted............

  4. Oh Meeehhnn! This is so sad to read! I mean why on Earth will Humans be so Cruel! So because she is a lady.. does that make her any Less Human?! Does that mean she doesnt feel Pain! I dont get some guys sha! I mean how do some of us reason sef?! its beyond me..

    Tales like this.. ABout how we guys harm ladies with little or No Remorse.. they get to me... Its sad.

    Please let her check out "Stand To End Rape.. (STER)" by Ayo Osowobi.. its an NGO that carters for Rape Victims. Do Treat her case as Urgent.. I cant imagine what she is going through.. but I know for sure that a start to the Healing Process if AYam to advice is that she Relocates ASAP.. That I guess will deal with the immediate Trauma.. **Deep Sigh.. It is well.. Self Control is Key Brovers.. Self Control is Key!

  5. The rate of rape is becoming unbecoming


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