Its my first time today, I'm so scared and anxious. I step in and see smiling faces everywhere with little or no care in the world. Everyone is acting as if we were best friends but I know in three weeks time no one will care.

Good thing is: when anyone shakes my hand today I'm sure he means it and not because he has one stupid election agenda on his mind. My face lit when a friend says hi for that's my first genuine smile today. The second time was when I smiled at a she not because I was happy to see her but at the awkwardness of her hair.
The noise here is killing.The plenty hiiii's is creepy so I distract myself with a Damita Hadon's "its all belongs to you" but I laughed really hard when Izuu said hi. Immediately,the noise came to a halt. Usually, this meant one thing: an important person just stepped in. And oh, he's one of favourite lecturer.

Yes, its my first day in school.

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    Even at that, you might not be able to categorize all the smiles to be natural. Some guys are naturally born politicians, so they keep ambition even before they got admission.

    So whatapp?

  2. Wow congrats. Soar high and conquer. E-hugs

  3. lol@first day in school

    Anyway, Enjoy

  4. Yyaaayy! So if i were to say "Welcome Back to school Favour".. Would That would be mega Awkward?! **Scratches head.. Well Amma say it all the same :).. Welcome Back to School FavourMilo.. :) Carry first this semester oh.. **Wears Mr. Nigeria Smile :) xx



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