Sunday, December 18, 2016

John Doe: The Unknown

John Doe :Hello please is this bread sweet? (this unknown dude said to me as I settled to take my seat beside him on my way to Benin recently)
Me: I don't know
John Doe : you are forming you don't eat bread abi?
Me: I said I don't know. I have never bought bread in onitsha before.
John Doe : ok. I wanted to buy bread for my wife and mother in law.
So I started feeling guilty and suggested he gets some snacks from a fast food in Benin. But the dude insisted he wanted travellers bread. I said ok.  So I asked if he was married because he looked so young then he replied

'well, she's not really my wife, she's my girl friend but I call her wify'
John Doe : We are having issues and she's very angry with me and I'm looking for a way to pacify her.
Me : with bread?
Well, I wasn't in the mood at giving love tips and I suck at that by the way. So I just wished him good luck and plugged my ears with head phones. Few minutes later he said to me "I love you" and I'm like what??? He repeated it and pointed to the bus preacher who asked everyone to tell their neighbour so. I smiled and went back to my music.

Next thing dude tapped me and wanted to know why I didn't say "I love you too back" Dear lawd!!! I muttered today is not the day. Then he went on to give me a lesson on pride, love and selflessness then I assumed he was venting out his frustration with bae on me.  In that moment, I choose not to be sarcastic but allow him vent even though when other passengers thought  it was weird. As we got to our last bus stop he asked for the best place to get good snacks. I told him. He said "Thank you so much"
I smiled.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Very hilarious post. Couldn't stop laughing.


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