Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Familiar Scars

I played a lot as a kid and still do. This implies that I have a lot of scars. Scars from falls, sharp object and having scabies as a child. So when I got into the University and saw my colleaques with supple, clear and spot free skin I got insecured a bit. The self consciousness was top notch. I'd say to my friend or tailor "the dress should be a little bit longer, I need to cover this scar" " I can't wear this na, my skin is not that fine" "let the skirt cover my knee please I have scars there"

My scars haunted me everyday. In the mirror, bathroom, shopping and on social media. Oh how I droll when I see perfect pictures and wish it was me until one day.

I had gone for a friends bridal shower and the dress code was a black dress so I wore a jump suit as a second best alternative. While we were gisting, this girl walked into the room with a very short black dress. I cringe first at the length of the dress then something caught my attention - She had scars! Way worse than mine. OMG!!!! I screamed inside me. So someone can be this Bold with her scars????

I am not an advocate of short dresses nor indecent dressing but she taught me self love without knowing. She taught me how to love my scars and now I'm more comfortable in my skin and the insecurity is out because of a single encounter.

Sometimes, what you need as a cure for your insecurity is right there before you. In your very eyes. Stop looking for validation from other people . Learn to love you. I love me.

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