Thursday, July 26, 2018

Love on the Rock

The last time l went for a marriage /relationship seminar was 2016. I left there depressed. These days, l don't even bother except you are a sound teacher.

Out of all the sisters in that meeting, it was Just a handful of us that were in our 20's. Others were above the big 30 and oh boy! Their testimonies weren't funny. A sister aged 36, got up and told us of her challenges and pressure. Sounds good, right? Except other sisters followed suit—similar unfortunate experiences. Gradually, a meeting meant for edification turned to that of fear.

They said a lot, by way of advice; have a job, and pray too, pray. Really? As though having husband was the only basis for prayers. This sad streak of narratives continued and climaxed when one sister got up and vented her frustrations. Its funny to think of it now but when she was done the facilitator was shook. And l started wondering if this was a meeting for believers or a support group for "stressed out single and searching spinsters".

While the meeting might had been a breather for some people, l left there so scared, l can remember telling myself l didn't want to have this story neither do l want to cower under this pressure. I don't want to hear this kind of testimonies. Plus the facilitator said a lot of stuffs like dress well, spray perfume, put yourself in a position to be seen. In her words, 'be marketable' and some stuffs l thought was silly. As though you don't know very 'marketable' and single people (not by their choice, oh).

When l left that meeting, l knew l was done, biko. Enough of the wisdom of Men. I see seminars on relationship and remove my eyes. Too many information we don't even need to hear in the first place. Some of us will do better with our default state of mind than these these plenty seminars. I am not saying don't go for seminars o, don't quote me anywhere. I am saying mind whom you listen to. This is simple wisdom na.

Pastor David sent me a message by Pastor Iren recently on marriage /relationship. I was a bit sceptical at first but after plenty persuasion, l did listen to it. And that's the most practical message l have listened to on this topic. I was legit shocked how sound that teaching was. My understanding of love, respect and submission took a new dimension. Pastor Iren clearedi my doubt and remove plenty scales from my eyes. Now l understand better. LOVE ON THE ROCK is a message that has blessed me, it will bless you too. Here's the link:Love on the Rock

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