Friday, January 18, 2019

My Beef with Instagram

On Instagram, they are wearing the kind of shoes l want, driving my dream car, living in the kind of house I have only seen in my imagination, wearing the exact length and texture of hair l drool over, going on vacation where l'd love to and what more?
Having the dream wedding, and doting husband.
People are living the life l want on Instagram.

I am here, doing a 12 hour job and begging for a leave that may never be granted,dealing with disgruntled patients and some days l feel like screaming 'use a condom' at a sexually irresponsible person.
 I know a lot of people that wants to trade places with me right now, but I am not sure who I want to trade places with. These are the kind of things that keeps you depressed if you are not wise.
Whenever l feel overwhelmed by the virtual life that Instagram presents, l uninstall the app and don't visit till l am sure l am sane enough. Same thing applies to all my other social media accounts because I realised that people will always put their best online for others to see.
The lady battling with acne has it all covered up with make up so she looks peng.
The one with alopecia has the wig to her rescue and we could go on and on with the body magic, waist trainer and all the pretence.
But you must realize that most of it isn't real. Yes, some are really living the life out there and are sincere with what they post but I don't think you should have to compare your life with someone else's.
You are doing good for you.
On Instagram, people are living the kind of life l want, but l am living the life l need. I am not doing bad after all.

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