Saturday, January 12, 2019

The CP's Diary 3

My colleaque has used everything in this life l'm shook.
'Oga this brand is better, l used it when l had infection it worked' she would say.  Hian!

'This drug is very good for waist pain, l took it that day, in 30 minutes l felt better. Favour you were here that day na '
I would nod.
'This condom is flavoured you will enjoy it".
And the Man asked' are you talking from experience?'
'Yes Sir ' she replied.
HAYGOD! This girl will not kee me.
Eh eh, oya let's go and try it.
I just got up and left them.

The CP's Diary is a new corner we are introducing. It details my experience as a community pharmacist. The downside, fun times and of course you would learn a lot.

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