Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Marry a Millionaire ( part two)

Landing your man
1. Show them you are not in it for the money.
They need to see that you do really love them...and you should really love them. Relationships are hard, and they only work when you are bonded to that person.

2. Create an environment of trust.
Its common for them to be exploited so they might have trust issues. Create that environment.

3. Be a great date
Take active roles in your date. Take them places even if the place isn't very nice.

4. Bring fun into their life.
Everyone wants someone that will make their life better.

5. Love them hard and faithfully.
Be a master in the art of love.  Not the sex part though. Be good at actually loving them and help them to fall in love with you.

6. Keep them coming back for more.
Don't give everything up all at once. Why should they marry you if having you as a girlfriend or mistress gets them what they want?

Other considerations

Rule out the fact that you cannot make money on your own.
Evaluate and be realistic about your looks, brains and personality.
Don't be too obvious
Act like a lady
And lastly carve out alone time for yourself and let him miss you. Get a life, have friends and tons of interest. Make yourself interesting and fun to be with.

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