Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey Guys!!!! Women hate this.

Call it honesty if you'd like, but there are conversations filled with things men say/do that women hate. It’s a case of freedom of speech gone wild! As a matter of fact, as I write this, I continue to come up with more ways our male counterparts put their crusty feet in their mouths. For now though, here are some of the things men say/do  that women hate.
1.You know those guys who post "women should stay in the kitchen" jokes on Facebook because they think making a controversial statement is funny? Or who don't think a woman can fix a light bulb? Or who have made claims that women can't be announcers on ESPN? Don't date those guys. They're all Sack Lodge (Bradley Cooper) from Wedding Crashers.

2.Manipulating your voice is major in the art of seduction (and apparently guys suck at it).

3. Dirty fingernails. I don’t care if you’re a builder, just use a nice bit of soap.

4. Wearing boxers with holes in. No.

5. What's  with men and keeping pubic hair? Especially armpit.. Ewww!!!

6. Unsolicited back door entry.

Well you can add yours,


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