Friday, September 4, 2015

Stalker Alert!!!!

Apart from BBM and Whatsapp, I'm very active on facebook. I hardly use my twitter account ( I still don't know how that works) and I only visit instagram to look at pictures. My linkedin? Ah!! Story for another day. I think I've registered with every social network and its so bad I don't even remember the password to some. Who remembers 2go? Jeezz!!! I was such an addict. Hi5? I've been there. Nimbuzz??? Being there too.. Nimbuzz is actually funny cos I really didn't have friends so anytime I log in I chat with the Nimbuzz robot. Funny huh? I forgot Badoo.. That one kept making my phone to hang I just deleted the app plus all the guys kept wanting to hang out and they act very weird.

I have over 2,000 friends on facebook 80% of which I don't even know but I accept friend request everyday for one reason: intellectual and social diffusion. I see your post or anything you have to share be it pictures, videos etc  and I learn vice versa.  But I can never wrap my head around why someone will like 60 of my pics within an hour. One thing comes to mind: CREEPY STALKER. I once accepted a friend request and woke up the next morning to see 95 facebook notifications. Dude already liked 95 of my pics, I'm sorry I just had to block him. Life is not that difficult. 95 pictures overnight??? I felt someone was invading my privacy.( Is anything even private on social media self?)

I don't reply chats on facebook except I know you or you initiated the chat in a " outta the ordinary way" what's with hi? Hello? Or worse baby. Seriously, baby??? Why call someone u don't know pet names?  When it comes to making friends online we should have gone past the normal routine of how are you? Can I get to kow you? What do you do? I think that routine sucks.why its important you know these things, I don't think it should start the conversation. I could tell BMF or CWP or DURU something like " I've gone through your post and you sure have a good sense of humour.. She would be more likely to reply me than the conventional hello.

So why did I get you to read this long epistle? If we are going to keep making friends on social media or even in everyday life we need to look outside the box. I've walked up to a guy and say "hey!!! I love your shoes" and that becomes the beginning of a new friendship. Just incase you have someone like me who keeps ignoring you online.. Maybe you should change your manner of approach. 

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. This is a great post.. and certainly for me.. My Twitter account is just for decoration lol and am so gonna unfriend some persons on fb..

  2. So this is why our last Facebook conversation experienced harmattan dryness. Ok o. In my next life, I'll remember to try out these markers.

  3. I can relate to this...I hate those dry pickup lines. Infact, someone would start professing love in your first chat. so dem dey love?

    Nma's Blog 

  4. Social media is overrated. But still it is a much needed past time. Sometimes unplugging ourselves and going out into the real world, and having real conversations is the way to go. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have less dan 100 friends on facebook and more dan 100 friend request. A long time ago friend sent me a friend request for 4 months before i could even accept it. As for twitter, i dont even get it yet. Instagram? Just watching pictures there.

  6. My facebook has thick cobwebs now I'm sure. I'm active on instagram, used to be really active on twitter some five years ago, now I just go there to read bants and get fast news.

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    1. I have a little over a thousand friends on facebook and I still don't know how come.

    2. hahahah... i dunno either buh i accept friend request all the time

  8. Active all round.....

  9. Ahahahhahaha favour had vex ooooo

    only you all this social media? U try!!!!

    Educative post. 95 is a whole lot. Maybe he had you in his thoughts all night. Lolz

  10. Well, I used to be over active on all the above mentioned but I've slowed down.. Then I was a student, then corper, now I'm hustling abeg.
    For the pictures why not edit your privacy settings if you don't want anybody invading your space? After all we put pictures out there for people to admire, innit?
    You should have cut the dude some slacks instead of blocking him though.

  11. Hahahahahahaahahha I'm the exact opposite - I'm a very private person on social media but I know what everybody is up to. My facebook is so private that you have to have a friend in common to find me. I hardly upload my pictures, instead I upload that of my family which is rare.

    I've had the same BBM display picture for years. Updating nt profile or anything on social media gives me anxiety - I don't like people knowing my business

  12. Ohmigosh! I am not weird at all....the above looks like you talking about me. that Fb part can be annoying, "hi, hello kinda chats, tagging you in picture that doesn't concern you, sending candy crush request, etc"

    Ermm, thanks for stylishly mentioning me up there, in Duru's voice iShy, iSmile, iBlush.

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