Friday, October 16, 2015

Memoirs From Missons 1

Sometime ago l mentioned going for a missions outreach in one of the posts. l wasn't fully involved as my colleaques and l went for a clinical outreach. My friend Nnanna wrote this post( he was there from the beginning). It's quite a long post so i broke it into three parts ( i get bored with long post sometimes). Enjoy.

So, where do I start? Was it when I made the decision to follow them or the long wait that Friday, for the fourth-batch bus to arrive? Ok!So I finally made up my mind to go for this mission (mind you it wasn’t my first time) clinging on to the “commission’s creed”. Bags packed, prayers made, arrived at meeting point and waited for 4 hours and 17 minutes for the fourth-batch bus to arrive as my patience gradually evolved into long-suffering.Why did I go with the fourth batch? I got a bulk SMS saying my lecturer misplaced our Final-Year C.A and we should re-submit before 1 pm that day, your guess is as good as mine: missions was relegated to the last thing on my mind (at least until I got that sorted). In between an unorganized day, we set out by 5:27pm for a journey of approximately 3 hours on constant bus speed, plus 1 hour because it was already nightfall…

Just In case you’re clueless: this is about my fellowship’s missionary journey to Ojor land in Enugu-Kogi state border. So can I continue?But before then, kindly remove your religious shades and read from a different light.
As we left the school gate, trust some “brethren” in the bus with their bass voices and jamming hands, “sisters” with their tenor back-ups, and others speaking in tongues as various songs sequentially chorused from different throats. It was a “pray and shout in victory”approach; after all the strategy was that we were going to storm the land like locusts on a ripe field and harvest as many as possible but this time the crops were different- the crops were “souls”. Just as we basked in the euphoria of praise and victory, we got stuck in sinking sand close to a place known as Igha, that's when we understood the hymn “On Christ the solid rock I stand… all other ground is sinking sand”. Everyone came down from the bus, so beyond prayers/faith, it needed work and this time by “men of muscles”.As a disguised slim guy whose power lies only on his tongue and head, my contribution was indispensably irrelevant but your guess is as good as mine: I was more stained. After applying some laws of physics, engineering and manual labor for close to 1 hour in the mud, the mercies of God finally helped us as his grace saw us through. I must say that the ladies who all the while watched and encouraged from the bush sidelines, already saw potential young, energetic, future…*coughs* (I didn’t say anything o!).
We arrived that day around 11pm even if the community crusade was still on; we already foresaw another day after taking dinner, as most of us hibernated with mud sauce on our feet and trust the mosquitoes: they give us a befitting welcome.But this was just the end of the beginning.

To be continued....

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Hi Favour, are you a CASORite? Mission is one of the tenet of CASOR. You brought back memories. . .I'm having flashbacks now. :)

    I'd have loved it if this post has one or two pictures. Pictures buttress our words deeper. You know what I mean?

    1. Yes, i agree with the picture suggestions...nice one though.

    2. lolz....i used to attend Nifes way back buti still go for some of their activities... i attend Dominion city actually

  2. Seems like an interesting memoir to watch out for, greetings!

  3. Interesting...those kind of memorable days are wonderful to write about. it becomes so nice when you explain every bit of it with pictures.

    I love reading something of that nature. Giving a comprehensive account of your movement. The post is well composed, though is too short for my liking. If you are writing an interested story which is well structured, i don't care how long...I must get to the last word. Have ever read a 172 pages article with my phone, and saved it and read for like two or three times again before I finally wipe it off.

    So kindly make the continuation of this gist long a bit.

    See: You may not be successful if you do any of these things on life

  4. Lol! @ understanding the true meaning of the hymn 'on Christ the Solid Rock.' I awaits the continuation of it.

  5. Ohk now! I remember the days of active service in school fellowship.
    How time flies

  6. Oh my!! I was a nifesian in uni too

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