Monday, February 15, 2016


Yetunde, I remember you today. 

Your thought flashed through my mind as I sit in this rickety bus. The last time we talked you were full of smiles and asked if I was on my way to church: you said goodbye with the words "see as you da fine go church, hmmmm... Ok o". I noticed you are pregnant. Pregnant at 18.

 You are no longer a minor, but I think of all the times we talked about your educational prospects, you are still battling with passing Jamb and don't even know where the money would come from. I blame your absentee mom and your deadbeat dad. I believe love is meant to make you better. So I blame your boyfriend who though he's a graduate decides to put you in this position. Yet, I'm happy for your unborn child. The gift of life is amazing. I'm glad you didn't abort. I remember you yetunde. Till I see you again.


 P.s.. I'm so sorry I've been AWOL.. Final year in pharmacy is not moi moi.. Thanks for checking here y'all.. Xoxo


  1. On and off blogger. Yetunde ooo,Yetunde mi da.

  2. The gift of life is amazing. May this experience push Yetunde to becoming a better person. Favour, wish you all the best with your studies. You are one strong lady... studying and blogging.

  3. OK Favour you are trying and we do understand. This yetunde stuff is it a poem?

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