Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016;The year of an Eye for an Eye

Since the beginning of this year, they've been a lot of clap back in the internet. Don jazzy and olamide launched the movement while others gladly volunteered to be part without inviting. Everybody is suddenly vexing and can't take rubbish.

Kate henshaw, Davido, Ay, Wizkid and linda ikeji et al. I don't even try to comment because e no consign me.  Two weeks ago, I saw on kemi filani blog that Timini Egbuson's heart has been stolen by one diva who is into fashion abi stylist self I don't know. Then it occured to me that celebrities are their own bane. Most celebrities aren't sapiosexual. They are just attracted to cosmetics- check their choice of women. And our dear BMF will say something like “we Finally found the woman what rocks Timini’s world she is the ceo of @amebofashionhouse. 

You will never read. The mystery woman is a pediatric consultant, or a defense attorney, research scientist, sales rep. Mbanu the gods will be angry.
Don't they go to the hospital? Why don't they fall in love with one the nurse?
Don't they use the service of a lawyer? What happened to the intelligent girls on their robe?

Must it always be MUA, stylist and actress? What even happened to them marrying a chef? My point is if you don't see the humor and the sense in this post then you are free to clap back but I will not mind you sha. 

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Hahaha very few can relate to this but trust me you ain't getting a clapback from me.

  2. I wonder ooo, na only actress, MUA dey fall for. hmmm, bloggers dey here

  3. Please tell them,only a few marry professionals,eg Dr Sid

  4. I wonder ooo... Its making them girls who are in the professional world look like a joke

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