Sunday, May 22, 2016

The first time l got a suprise this year.

My cousin and I have always been besties. I call him my favourite  cousin. And when my mom died, he stopped been my cousin and started to be the elder brother I never had. His mom refers to my siblings and I as her kids ; his mom is my mom’s twin.  So technically, you can hear me saying we are four in the family plus Him.
When we were kids, whenever I beat up my siblings, my mom would send him to beat me up too and I in turn will chase him round the house with a stone while tears flow down my cheeks.
We attended Delta state University together until I changed to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He graduated, served and started working. We kept in touch, gisted about my chykers and his girlfriend and all the random stuffs.  Sometime in October last year ,he told me he was seeing this girl and he wanted me to talk with her and I replied ‘so that after three months you go come tell me say una no da again abi?’ I ignored his request and moved on.
Sometime in January, I got a call.
Me :  hello, what’s up
Him : I’m good. Eken… Osas… I wan do marriage o
Me : (screams) eh!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh….congratulations!!!!!!!!!
I was so shocked, trust me I never really pegged him for someone that will get married so soon but mehn……I was so excited and finally ready to see the bride and make that phone call.
Then came the pre wedding photo

And the bridal shower

And the trad

And the holy matrimony

And my cute cousin

And the stunning bride

And I didn’t attend because I had an exam that ended in the evening

Story of my life…….

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Smiles... That's nice. Congratulations bro. You toooo do quick and invite us. At Favour.

  2. Nice. Congrats to your brocoz

    Visit me on for everything nice,crazy and funny

  3. Hahahhahahaha lol! I love this post! I see that its getting more interactive on here **Winks.. Thank Heavens for Instagram ooh! It is really Rebranding you oh! heheheh iKid (NOT :p)... I like how you went and here goes this.. and here goes this.. and then ended with your sarcastic self not attending.. I loovveeett!

    You see ehn Favour Milo.. The Thing about Marriage is that ehnn.. Those of us you didnt expect to get hitched on time always pull out the stunner. Weldone Nne.. and Hearty congratulations to your Cousin and his beautiful Bride. May their Union flow with love and passion.. which will NEVER run dry like the River Niger.


  4. Congratulations bro, the wife is beautiful

  5. Beautiful, sorry you missed out.

  6. Beautiful, sorry you missed out.

  7. Awww... So sorry you missed out. But I love the pictures and your cousin is so cute for days...

  8. sorry u misd d event... surely God has something bigger in store for you... they both are cute and great together..


  9. Cute cousin with a beauurriful wifey. HML to them. nice blog you have here Favour. keep it up.

    How to turn heads and get people to notice you!

  10. I love the traditional look. Absolutely stunning pictures. They make a beautiful couple.x

  11. i didnt know you still blog! sideye*

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