Sunday, August 7, 2016

Let me tell you about the dominion convention.

When I first heard about the Dominion convention I was so excited. I am always excited about church programmes. I made plans, readjusted my schedule and I almost didn’t go because I had a lot to deal with that weekend. But thank God I made the right decision. Even though I missed the first day because of one kain exam like that , the next two days was da bomb.

Just so you know I attend the new covenant family aka dominion city. And the dominion convention has been taking place in major cities in Nigeria. So here are my highlights from the convention. Enjoy
·         God is interested in the attitude that backs up your giving. When people don’t drop their gold on the altar, it becomes their god. The only proof that you’ve conquered greed is giving. A greedy man is an idol worshipper. Haggai 1:1-15 
·         When God wants to answer your prayers he sends men. God’s answers to the cry of men is men.

·         The seed that leaves your hand doesn’t leave your life. The seed always yields a harvest.

·         The size of your harvest is commensurate to your seed. Proverbs 11; 24. You don’t give according to your pocket you give according to the size of your vision. Psalm 126:2.

·         Limitations are normal course of life, knowing how to break it is what separates us

·         Anointing doesn’t break yoke, it destroys the yoke. That is, it removes it from existence

·         Christianity is not religion. Yes, there may be Christian religion but that isn’t what Christianity is. Religion is man’s way of pleasing God. In Christianity, God finds men.

·         Don’t be apologetic for God’s blessings.God carried the whole earth and gave to one man (Adam)  he didn’t say it is too much.

P.S   this post should have been uploaded by October last year but procrastination is a stronghold for me. Forgive me phavourites
P. P.S the word of God is never too old.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. "You don’t give according to your pocket you give according to the size of your vision" I need to key into this..

  2. Aww. . Thanks for sharing this. It blessed me.

    "In Christianity, God finds them" Awesome!

  3. Gosh. I love love love Pastor Ogbueli. I wish i can attend his programme


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