Monday, August 15, 2016

Once upon a dreamer

When I was much younger, I had DREAMS! Dreams to be everything in this life. I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, banker all at the same time. This decision wasn't all instantenous. It was influenced by a lot of factors.
When my dad took me to the bank at age 8, I came out of the bank wanting to study accounting. This idea died the day my Dad took me to High Court Benin, I started imagining myself on the robe and a wig. Then again, I heard someone saying she studied theology. Alas, I wanted to be a theologian until I consulted my dictionary and I quickly buried that dream.

Again the dream of being a fashion designer was birthed when I saw my cousin making good clothes but that dream was short lived the day my Home Economics teacher taught me how to make egg nog. Oh!  The taste of that drink. As usual this dream didn't last long.
My dad always wanted me to be a doctor but I never visited that thought even though he pratically raised me in his chemist at the expense of my home making skills.
Finally, at JSS 3 after reading the book 'courage to change'  I decided neurosurgery. Well, this one dream stayed for years and my dad was soooooo happy. Somehow the medicine didn't work out and I just opted for pharmacy out of the blues and it worked. I think I fell in love with pharmacy at first sight, the name sounded pleasing to the Ears: I never knew there was so much hype about the course until I came to the East.
Its not been a smooth journey so far, they've been failures, pains,death and disappointment but its been worth it. I've never had cause to be discouraged in this pursuit, No doubt about whether this is where I want to be. God has been confirming his word in little ways.
See me now, labcoat is now my uniform.
Once again in first year, I had another dream and this one has survived the storm. I will tell you about it next year.
Who else is a dreamer like me?

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Dreaming shows passion to succeed and achieve great feats in life. Men and women don't die the day the stop breathing, they die the day they stop hoping, aspiring and dreaming.

  2. Hello dreamer!

    Happy for you. Cheers to more dreams coming true!

  3. When I was a little girl, I always dream of becoming so many things. A teacher, author, carpenter, lawyer,actress, tailor ,doctor, shoemaker and so on. Lol In fact I wanted to be everything! Small pikin mentality! Well, I finally read business administration but is that really what I want? Anyways, I'm happy!

  4. Don't we all have dreams!
    I love the fact that you are comfortable with being a pharmacist now. There's nothing like being passionate about what you do.

  5. I've always wanted to be a dancer. Ballet dancer when i was much younger.
    Later,a doctor.
    Now,a dancer with as much energy as Kaffy and Peter Okoye rolled into one.

  6. when i was young i wanted to be a teacher, i will gather children from the neighbourhood every summer for lesson from there i also wanted to be a writer,i get my pposy diary write stories get an artiste to draw for me to then allow classmate read but you must pay sha before reading,later i thought of becoming a weather forecaster eehn after a while sha i never thought of becoming a lawyer,i dont know how i ended up being a lawyer.No influence from parents nor anybody i just thought the right profession for me is Law,And i am glad i did

  7. Being able to dream and try different things is beautiful. Its never too late to be whatever we wish to be in life. Its a great post and a a nice reminder, thanks for sharing. Nice of you to drop by at my corner. Greetings!

  8. All I ever dreamed was never to knot ties and wear suit to work when I grow, but right now I dress cooperate nearly every other day in the week...and I don't look bad in it o. lols.

    Nice post Favour.


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