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5 books for every young woman should read

Hi, everyone!!

So, if you're new to me and my blog, it might be news to you that I am the eldest of three children.

As the big sister, I don't take the responsibility of setting a good example lightly. I just know that at least a one of them will always follow every move I make. I try to set a good example in my taste of things, including clothes, music, movies, blogs, and books.


I really love books.

Even though my sister right under me in the line-up, Kristen(pseudonym) , isn't much on books. Basically, I'm taking all of the books I've ever read and narrowing it down to only five  that I believe really molded me into who I am today, and helped me out when I was waist-deep and not making up any ground in the murky waters of life

5 Books For Every Young Woman

(So, they're listed 1-5 by priority. If you've read none, I'd recommend starting at 1 and working your way downwards. Otherwise, the lower the number, the higher the recommendation, but go with what you need in this season of your life!)

1. The Bible
Ding ding! You saw that one coming, didn't you? We, as a generation, have made it the norm to mope and complain about not knowing what to do because "after all, life doesn't come with an instruction manual..." But, but... YES, IT DOES! It's called the Bible. And if you obey it to the letter, you won't have any desire to follow your own whims and hope it turns out okay, let alone the time!
If you consider yourself a Christian, and you have been for more than a year or two (I'll give you "or two" just in case you're a slow reader), then I expect that you've read the Book in full. If you haven't, this should be a serious life priority. Even though Leviticus and Habakkuk seem hard, every word is there for us, placed there by God, Himself. Take it seriously.

2. Supernatural Childbirth.
I got this book for a friend as a graduation gift but I eventually read it four years later.
The couple who wrote the book was told that they would never have children, and they have 4. It's definitely an interesting book, and it makes me a little excited about childbirth instead of fearing it. Even though I'm no married yet which means I don't have kids yet too but super natural child birth did help me overcome painful period. Let me know if anyone else has read it, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

3. Battle field of the mind
 If you struggle with worry and doubt, anger or condemnation, or even depression–this book is for you. The author contends that only by overcoming unhealthy thinking patterns can we be set free and have inner peace. This book continues to be a hot seller on Amazon even though it was published eight years ago.

4. No more sheets
I did the review HERE

5. Why men love bitches
I also did the review HERE

You could add yours also


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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. I'd love to read Supernatural Childbirth. It seems like it would be a really good book.

  2. I hear SuperNatural Childbirth is a great book. I'll get it! Thanks for this.

  3. Well done dear. I have supernatural childbirth and would love to have why men love bitches.

  4. Hi! Stumbled on your blog yesterday and I love it! I would love to read the two books. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for this. Pls I will like the 2 books.

  6. Thanks for this. Pls I will like the 2 books.

  7. Favour,do you have the books in numbers?. I lol as you went on saying ok to everyone.
    Me,i want too o.

    1. I just have two e copy the others are in hard copy

  8. Lovely read! The Bible is the ultimate!Yea Supernatural is nice too.

  9. Great list. Hey sweetie, can you include name of the author on each of the books you have mentioned? Thanks.

  10. Almost everyone I know has told me about Supernatural Childbirth. I think I'm going to order it now - dunno why I keep procrastinating. I mistakenly borrowed Battlefield of the Mind from my sister, without her knowing :p and I still haven't read it!

    I really need to stop slacking!

    Berry Dakara Blog

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