Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 in review

2016 has been one hell of a year. I've witnessed tremendous growth in virtually all areas of my life. When I started this year I was so scared because  a lot of things were out of place. I stepped into the year knowing that I would only survive by God's grace and I did. So here are some of them.

1. Super natural provision. I resumed school in January with just N1,800.  No food, provisions and nothing. I left home in tears. But I can't remember begging for money. Till this moment I don't know how God provided.
2. Remember that time I wrote about how God saved my life?
3. The spiritual growth has been immense. More hours of prayers and word study.
4.I  graduated this year and cleared my papers. Yassssssss!!!
5. Family is top notch.
6. I survived food poisoning twice.
This is a year I won't forget in a hurry. Can't wait for 2017. God isn't done with me yet.
Thanks y'all for sticking around too. Xoxo

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. That is God for you. Always there. While everyone seems to be moaning about 2016, posts like these are such a breathe of fresh air. I am happy for you. Congratulations on graduating!

  2. You are God's project,my dear.
    Happy new year in advance.


  3. More blessings dear. How do we see?


  4. Awesome! And it'll only get better and become greater.

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