Saturday, August 12, 2017

My first encounter with thieves

Run! Was the first thought that came to mind immediately I saw the guy jumped from his bike.
I didn’t think!
I didn’t hesitate!
I didn’t even wait! I simply ran.

It happened in splits second.  We were on our way back from church one evening and were attacked by robbers. It’s still very much funny as I recall the incident. That particular area of onuiyi was notorious for people being robbed at night. I knew about this so every time I made sure to be accompanied by one or two guys but this night it was different.
While gisting with my friend as we strolled back from church , someone suddenly jumped from the bike and hit him with what looked like a machete and I ran, as fast as my feet could carry me while screaming “thief o, thief” with my voice that sounded like a broken record.
I saw my friend ran in the opposite direction, I was really scared for him but more so for myself. Did help come? No! Every motorist that held me shouting either drove fast or turned. Then I got to the school gate and waited a bit.
My phone rang…. It was my friend. He got away too even though his clothes were torn. My fear turned to ecstasy. Immediately I saw my friend, we burst into laughter. That night, I had a revelation of what my biology teacher meant by adrenaline is also known as the fight and flight hormone.
Sorry phavourites for been away so long. I miss y'all 

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