Monday, July 23, 2018

Confession of a Lazy Naturalista

When l started this natural hair journey, l thought all l needed was coconut oil, shea butter and a spray bottle. Cheap right?
They lied to us.
The first coconut oil l bought was adulterated. The second smelt like cooking oil. The third was from a client. Her Aunt sent it to her, sisi dropped it and said she wasn't going to use it. Why?
Who doesn't use home made coconut oil?
'Ah! That my Aunt eh, She is a destiny killer o'. She said.
Ok aunty bring it for me you hear? My destiny is in Christ. And that was how l got over 100mls of correct coconut oil.

As e dey hot, as e dey hot, l followed lots of naturalistas page on IG that was when l knew
I needed Castor oil  (not the type we use in treating constipation)
Olive oil also not Goya.
Jojoba Oil (Jumia sells 15ml for 800, when l saw 15ml l had to pick a 20ml syringe to be sure)
Hair Mayonnaise not Bama o.
Moringa oil (Eken! This one self join)
Specially made live - in conditioner for naturalistas
My hair needed avocado, banana, egg and its also needs to be fed.
Food! My hair needs to eat, eat!.
Me that is carrying the hair can't even remember when last l had a balanced diet.
I tried o, tried most of the hair regimen my dressing table started looking like l was practising herbal medicine.
One time, l asked Princess Onwuka to add me to a naturalista whatsapp group.
 After seeing too many #hairgoals pictures, l left. Told her thanks. This thing is not career abeg, lets focus on oda things. Who hair epp? I don't want to be Omoni Oboli again, l will be Osayuwamen in peace biko.
Recently, l got one new hair regimen. This thing is looking like it is working o, but l will still watch small. This is the first time in a year, l have had to rock this hair for close to a month without getting tired.
What is the point of this post? Nothing o! Do what works for you in hair matters. It is not even our inheritance in Christ self.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare

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