Friday, July 20, 2018

The CP's Diary 1

My Dad had a client we called 'Yamaha 80' named after the bike he rode. Looking back, l realize l now use pseudonyms for regular patients because remembering names is a challenge for me. So l have (in no particular order)
Pharm pharm - Because he calls me that.
Sugar Daddy - Uncle has chyked more than half of the Female staff.
Fat Burner - she is so concerned about loosing weight we won't hear word.

Hello Sweet heart - Eish!!! That's how he answers the pharmacy Phone when we are doing a routine follow up of patients. That Hello sweet heart is very arrrrrghhh..
Juju Woman - this one thinks she can make someone run mad with her saliva.
Biafra - He fought in the Biafra war.
Alhaji - He wants to be addressed like that.
Enogwe - General word for oversabi patient.
Our baby - always gets things from the Supermarket and makes it obvious he wants to be pampered and treated like a King.
Hey Doc -  Because he is a Doctor and likes it when l say 'Hey Doc,
Pastor - Because he is a Pastor.
Hello Ladies - this is the one we dab for. Fatherly, homely, fun and always cheerful.
Wait for it...
Ritualist - l had no idea how this one started. I Just met my colleaques in my former place of work calling one man Ritualist. Why? Because he looked like one of the character from one of those Nollywood's blood money movies.

The CP's Diary is a new corner we are introducing. It details my experience as a community pharmacist. The downside, fun times and of course you would learn a lot.

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