Monday, October 1, 2018

How Our Music promotes Drug Abuse

The lyrics of a certain song l heard in the bus today is
"how would you like to smoke some weed "
Like that's the verse 1, 2,3 and some jigijigi between.
That sounded like saying.
Would you like to do Drugs?
Would you like to run mad?
Wouldn't you want to get your grey matter fried?.
Then we wonder why our youths won't stop doing Drugs.
Once a patient told me he spends 3000 daily on codeine. Now that's approximately 90k a month. Of course, he was leaving in debt.
Another time, l saw a guy mixed codeine with Monster.
Mehn... I was shook.
When we talk about the dangers of drug abuse, we are not only concerned about your health but your pocket. Its financially draining and you could die from respiratory depression.
Imagine what you could do with 90,000 in a month. Think about it. If you were borrowing money to feed a business venture, that would be an excellent choice. But with addiction, the only return on investment you could possibly get is death, poverty or you could be mentally Unstable.
But... As with all cases of addiction, we advise that you seek help. Professional help.

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