Saturday, December 1, 2018

How not to help your Doctor

Somewhere online, a nurse recounted how she lost a patient because of her refusal to heed the Doctor's advise. She was warned not to give birth again because she had a heart condition. But Madam no gree, she died 3 months after childbirth.
One person commented "Rip. Its her time simple. Child birth or not, heart condition or not, fourth child or not "
You see, people don't listen. They don't.

The Doctor gives you an instruction or a life style modification tip, follow it. Do you know better? Do you want to live long? Is it your job? How can you pay for a service and not listen to instructions?
If you have an appointment with your doctor, keep it.
If you are given Drugs, take them religiously.
If they say another child might take your life, use contraception.
We play too much.
I know a woman with cervical cancer who has refused to go see her doctor for check up because chemo is making her seem better. I don talk so tay my mouth wan bend go back.
What makes our Job easier and  motivating is patient compliance.
We want to make you live longer but some of you have made up your mind that this world is truly not your own.
Listen to your health care provider.
It hurts when you lose a loved one and its even worse when that could have been avoided.
P. S.
Husbands, Wives, kids, help your loved ones too.

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